Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nella's 2 for 2

There is this blog I follow (and I'm sure many of you lovely readers do too....)
Enjoying the Small Things. The author of this blog Kelle is an incredible inspiration in many ways to many people.

I started following her blog a little less than 2 years ago shortly after the birth of her second daughter, Nella. The night of her birth was a huge shock to the entire family. Nella was born with Down Syndrome. Here you can find a link to her birth story. Prepare yourself with some tissues Kelle has a way with words.

Since the birth of their sweet, adorable, and spunky little girl the family has gotten involved in raising money for the National Down Syndrome Society. For Nella's first birthday Kelle put out a call to her readers to help them raise $15,000. Boy did people turn out to help. They raised over $100,000!!!!

This year Kelle is once again asking her readers to help out and this year they are reaching for the stars. They are going in with a goal of 2 for 2. $200,000 for Nella's second birthday! (As of my writing this they are over $180,000!)
Here is a link for the donation page if you are feeling generous and want to help out a good cause. (We, of course, have already made our donation. I wouldn't be here asking you to do something I'm not comfortable doing myself.)

One thing I haven't mentioned yet is what an AMAZING photographer Kelle is. I love the photos of her gorgeous girls. Lainey (her older daughter) has such an awesome spirit and could seriously be a child model! (well actually they all could model) I wish I could take photos like hers. Even if you have no interest in her story you should check out some of her pictures.

(No I don't get anything from posting this just that satisfaction that someone may see this and feel inspired to help out a good cause.)

Now because I feel that all my posts need a picture of my sweet girl here is one of her playing IN her dolly's bed today.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Green Eyed Monster

has found me recently. (Well maybe about 18 months ago if I'm being honest.)

Who or what am I jealous of? SAHMs (Stay At Home Moms).

I don't want to be a full time SAHM, I really don't, I need more adult interaction than that, but part time would be amazing. The reason this is coming up right now is I sort of have this opportunity for a bit. It is good and bad all at the same time. J's mom had surgery on her foot (nothing major and she is healing fine) but she is our daycare 3 days a week. She hasn't been able to watch B in 4 weeks so I am home 3 days a week right now.

It is so great that I'm able to spend all this extra time with B, but it is so difficult trying to work at the same time. I feel so completely stressed between working, taking care of B, cleaning and cooking that I just want to pull my hair out.

I want to be a part time SAHM so that I can do fun things with my girl. I want to take her to story time, to an art class, a gymnastics or dance class. I don't want to feel trapped in our house because I have to edit images for our company website. I want freedom to enjoy my time with her and I'm so jealous of those who have it.

Being home with her the way that I am now is just a big tease for all the fun we could be having!

That being said I have some cute new photos of her being HILARIOUS! Because she is HILARIOUS. I laugh at her every day. She makes me so stinking happy!

Ahhhhh! Blueberries!!! :)
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Using a fork. haha.
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She dressed herself....
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Stealing Uncle Alex's hat... and so proud.
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Watching TV with her bear.
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Wearing Beth's hat... eating as usual.

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Anyone think my daughter has a thing for hats? ;)
And speaking of her eating.... she eats like a cow! You would think she hadn't eaten ever in her life the way she shovels food in.
She eats just about anything still. (Except pork though that is getting better.)

I should probably also tell you that at her 18 month check up she weighed 21lbs 15 oz. (so 22 lbs) and is 31 1/2" tall. My teeny peanut!

Oh and yes I missed posting my big post on my birthday but I'll get it up soon.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Florida Recap

Yeah Yeah I know this trip was 2 months ago but it was WONDERFUL!!!!
My cousin got married and was a BEAUTIFUL bride, we spent lots of time outside enjoying the weather, got to see so many family members we don't get to see often enough, I got to run on the beach and help with wedding stuff. It was great.
What, you want pictures? Ok! ;)


Brynnie B loves to wear her Gram's glasses.
She also loves to eat Lemons. (Just like me.)
First Ice Cream Cone - she shared with Gram
First Pedi!!!
What my daughter? Noooo... she would never be the first one on the dance floor! ;)
Trolly ride to the ceremony. (Gasp! The baby wasn't in her car seat the world is ending.)
Maybe she isn't my kid afterall... she HATED the beach!
Wouldn't touch the sand.
I have taken a lot of pictures of palm trees but this may be my fav!!!
Gorgeous ceremony site!
Hanging out with the big girls on the dance floor.
Sweet kisses from my baby love! God I just adore her!!
Fake Cheese'n!!!
By the pier in Naples. (Still hated the sand!)
Snuggly baby! She was so sleepy.
Such a mischevious little smile.

We had a fantastic time. And I loved spending so much time with my mom and my baby. It was a much needed vacation.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Intentions

I have them. I swear I do.

I want to be a better blogger but then I find something else that grabs my attention and P, little B and J gets pushed to the back burner again. Over the next couple weeks I'm going to try and catch all of you lovely readers up on our lives. *Note I said TRY. :)

I'm going to start 2012 by publicly announcing the things I want to accomplish this year.

1. Read 50 Books (I have already started my tab up top to keep track of my books.)
2. Run in 3 races
3. Start (and stick with) another method of exercise besides running. Maybe yoga?
4. Organize my life, and our home better.
5. Make 2 new recipes a month.
6. Be a better friend.
7. Be a better wife and mom.
8. Be happier.
9. Finally re-do our bathroom.
10. Take a vacation with J. Just J.
11. Learn more about photography.
12. Work harder (in all aspects of life).
13. Work at starting this business I have had in my head for too long.
Lets see how I do on my goals for the year.

Now all that being said the change of years always makes me think about the past and this year as I look back I got inspired to put some of my life into words and pictures to share with family and friends. There will be a post on it soon... maybe for my 30th birthday. I'm gonna be 30! Holy Cow! :)

Happy 2012 everyone!