About Me

I'm the "P" part of this blog. My name is Paige.
"Little B" is the most amazing little girl on the planet. Her name is Brynn.
"J" is my wonderful husband Jeff.

I started blogging when I was pregnant with B at the request of a couple friends and I try to keep up with it though there are times I slack and get behind. Hey life gets hectic as a working mom! I am 29 years old and totally in love with my life. I have an amazing family not just including J and B. My parents and brother and sister rock! I also have an adorable nephew Chance. He is only 3 months older than B and I hope from the bottom of my heart they will always be great friends. I currently work for my dad but am slowly going to be starting a business making custom wedding accessories such as aisle runners, bar runners, invitations, programs etc. etc.

J and I met March 4, 2006 when some friends wanted to hook us up. Neither of us were interested in going out that night (especially not to be introduced to someone) but after dinner with friends I got guilted into it because it was a birthday celebration. J just got guilted into it. We met standing in the middle of the street. At an Irish Fest. That night another girl out for the evening hit on him All.Night.Long. He was friendly but mostly ignored her to talk to me. We stayed up until 5AM talking and went on our first date the next night.

FF through our dating life to December 22, 2007 the day we got engaged! We spent the weekend in Chicago, stayed at The Swissotel (love that place) and had a great weekend. We woke up Saturday morning and went to Navy Pier and had a late breakfast/early lunch (but I don't count it as brunch since there was no breakfast food) at Bubba Gump. (Loved it since I call J Bubba for some super bizzare reason.) We then went on the Ferris Wheel and when we were at the very top he popped the question! I cried for about an hour walking around the pier with all kinds of people looking at me funny but what did I care?! I was a girl in love! A girl getting married!! That night we went to dinner at Wildfire and to the Nutcracker with our parents.

FF again this time to our wedding day.... September 5, 2008. It was a wonderful day full of love and I couldn't have asked for anything better. We couldn't have asked for anything better. We were married at Starved Rock State Park and it was incredibly perfect. The best part of the day you ask... knowing that J and I will be together forever.
We went on our honeymoon right away. Almost 2 weeks of fun! We went on a road trip to Cooperstown, NY and the Baseball Hall of Fame; Bar Harbor, ME (AMAZING); Portland ME; and finally Lake Placid, NY before heading home to start major house renovations.
We worked on renovating J's house (now our house - weird) for about 6 months solid. We did nothing but work out butts off but it was well worth it. Until the next phase of life hit....

FF again to October 25, 2009 approx 6:45AM - That is when I found out I was pregnant!!!! The whole story and birth story can be found under that tab.

Then June 30, 2010 Brynn Gracelyn was born. BEST.DAY.EVER. Life has changed. She has changed me. She is perfect.

There you have it a brief overview of how we became a family of 3.

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