Pregnancy and Birth Story

October 25, 2009 approx 6:45AM - I'm Pregnant!!!!
I woke up that morning and after not feeling right for a week decided to test. ...
Test #1 took a minute but it came back showing a faint line
Test #2 came back much quicker with still a faint line
Test #3 (yes #3) - a digital - came back instantly saying pregnant!
I knew right away without a second thought we were having a baby girl. There was no doubt in my mind. Estimated Due Date was July 3rd 2010. (Fingers crossed for a 4th of July baby!)

We got to see our little girl for the first time December 1, 2009 (though of course we didn't know she was a girl at that time.

We had an optional ultrasound on February 3, 2010 to find out yep I was right... Baby Girl G! (BGG for short.)

We then had our 20 week anatomy scan a few weeks later on March 3rd. We found out that they were going to monitor baby girl because she had fluid on her kidneys.

That brought us to April 27th and another ultrasound. Baby G still had fluid on her kidneys but otherwise still looked good.... except for one small thing... she was breech. UGH! That was the start of talking about a C-Section.

June 9th we had another ultrasound and baby girl was still breech. We scheduled a C-Section for June 30th. Talk about a weird feeling - knowing your daughters birthday before she is even born!

From here I will let my blog posts do the rest of my talking

Introducing Little B

Introducing Little B Part 2

All I can say from here is that she is the single best thing I have ever done in my entire life. <3

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