Friday, June 24, 2011

Earth Friendly Baby Stuff #3

And I'm back with a Baby Related Post! :)  

Baby wearing!
So it isn't really earth friendly exactly but alot of earth friendly mamas love it so I figured I would include it. I LOVE to wear Brynnie. It is so convinient and such great bonding for me and my girl.

There are so many different options on how you can wear your baby and I couldn't even tell you how many products are on the market. What I can tell you about are our 3 types of carriers.

When Brynnie was little bittie we used a Moby Wrap. That thing was a godsend when I needed to get things done and she was fussy and wanted to be held. I would vacuum while wearing her and she would fall right asleep. That thing was seriously great.

Well now Brynnie is a bit bigger and I feel like she is a bit too heavy for me to feel safe with her in the Moby so my go to is the Ergo. LOVE LOVE LOVE! It is amazing. The shoulders are padded with memory foam and they way it sits on your body is so comfortable. Plus it is the most ERGOnomically correct carrier for your baby. Similar options (like the Bijorn) aren't very good for babies hips. The Ergo is just great. It can hold a child up to 40 (or 42?) lbs and you can use it as a front carry, a back carry or a side carry. Seriously just LOVE this thing.

And finally we have a sling. I have only used it a couple times because I got it after I got the ERGO and Moby but it seems ok. B is too big now to do some of the carrys with it and just a little too small to do a sitting hip carry.

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