Monday, September 5, 2011

14 months! and 3 Years!!!

Where the heck has the time gone?

I am a terrible blogger, I apologize. Life has gotten away from me the past couple months and by the time I sit down at night I just want to do nothing or lose myself in a good book. I know excuses excuses. But I'm serious.

Well a few days ago Little B turned 14 months old. (Yes I'm aware I still haven't posted about her party I have the post half done and kinda just forgot about it.) Brynn is just a big ball of fun and I love almost every second I spend with her.
She cracks me up daily. Her laugh is completely infectious. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard after we head up to bed every night. J chases us up the stairs every night and she laughs the whole way up. She thinks it is the best thing ever. Except the last 2 nights... when he pops out from around the corner she says "Hi Da" and then laughs. She says Hi the whole way up the stairs so now J and I are laughing even harder than her.

B is 20 lbs 4 oz (I stuck her on the shipping scale at work the other day) and is 29-30" or so. I really should measure her.

We have been busy busy bees around this area for the last couple of months. The weekend of Brynn's birthday party we had a total of 3 parties and we have been go go go since then. We hung a swing from one of our trees and man does that kid love it. My mom, sissy and I spent a night downtown going to see Beauty and The Beast and went shopping the next day. We also had a baby shower for my cousin. The next weekend Jeff and I spent a night downtown just the 2 of us and had a wonderful night alone. We went to the pool at my parents country club a couple times. Brynn and Chance love swimming! We went to a wedding for my very first best friend ever! (And I made some custom accessories for her big day!) We went to the zoo twice and to Navy Pier and a White Sox game. We had a pool party for work and a movie night on a big screen in my parents back yard. And we have had a couple fun little photoshoots in there too. I'm sure I'm missing something in there too.

Now you may be wondering about the 3 years in the title...

3 years ago today J and I were married. 3 years!!!! Holy cow!!! Time has flown since then. This year was a rough one with a major surgery and quite a long recovery time for J and a HUGE job change for J. Despite all the hardships we had tons of fun and have experienced some of the best things ever with our little toddler. She is such a joy.

If you want to see a ton of wedding pictures here is a link to last years blog post.

And here are just a couple of pictures of my peanut! First one obvi from her party.
Enjoying her first PB&J!!!
A Couple pics from a photoshoot


haha. her "Fake Cheese'n" smile man she is funny!

And in case you are wondering my 5K training is going pretty well. It is 20 days from now and I will run 11 more times before that. I have 7 more training runs in my program so I'm hoping I do pretty well.

I promise my next post won't be 2 months away.

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