Monday, March 14, 2011

The ABCs of P

I stole this from a blog that stole it from another blog that stole it from another blog…so here it goes…

{a} age; 29

{b} bed size; Queen - Tempurpedic baby!
 {c} chore you hate; putting away laundry

{d} dogs; Two: both Norwegian Elkhounds; Smokey and Gus

{e} essential start to your day; kissing my baby girl
 {f} favorite color; Aqua

{g} gold or silver; White gold

{h} height; 5’4″

{i} instruments you play; non
 {j} job title; Sales?
 {k} kids; 1, but of course you already know that. She is the little B part of the blog after all.

{l} live; suburbs of Chi-town

{m} mom’s name; Marilyn
 {n} nicknames; Paigey, P, PBJ
 {o} overnight hospital stays; most recent was when B was born
 {p} pet peeve; how much time do you have? I HATE when people tYpE lIKe ThIs. or when people mess up really easy words like past vs passed
{q} quote from a TV show; ‎"This is why you are burning in hell!" Phoebe - Friends, "Look at me I'm Chandler, could I be wearing anymore clothes?" - Joey - Friends, "I mean I know Ross but what is it short for? Rossel, Rosstopher?" Joey - Friends

{r} right- or left-handed; Right

{s} siblings; 2 - Younger brother and sister
 {t} time you wake up; by 6 on the week days, whenever B wakes up on the weekend and then I nap during her first nap. ;)
 {u} underwear; thongs
 {v} vegetables you dislike; Mushrooms
 {w} what makes you run late; J underestimates how much time things take to do or how much time it takes to drive to places.

{x} x-rays you’ve had; broken arm when I was in 1st grade
 {y} yummy food you make; spaghetti, stuffed green peppers, lasagna, monkey bread, zucchini bread and I'm an ok desert baker (though I usually use a box for cakes 'cause I'm lazy)
 {z} zoo – favorite animal; flamingos (too bad my zoo got rid of them) and giraffes.

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