Wednesday, March 30, 2011

9 Months...

I can't even believe that Brynnie B is 9 months old today (the exact minute this post went up actually!)

It doesn't seem possible that she has been an "outside" baby for the same amount of time that she was an "inside" baby. How do 9 months fly by so fast?!

She amazes me more and more as each day passes. She is SOOOO smart! She recognizes things so easily. She saw a picture of me while I was gone this weekend and J said she went nuts talking to it. She has realized which songs come out of which toys and which part of said toy. (And she now dances to them!!! YAY!) She pulls up on anything she can get to. And she doesn't want to sit still. She would still rather not crawl but will if someone isn't there to help her walk. She HATES to be put down after walking. I have mentioned it before but we don't feed Brynn purees. Everything she has ever eaten she has fed herself. She picked it up so quickly and I was so proud of her! She now eats all kinds of fruits, veggies and meats all by herself. So far I think the only thing she won't eat is sweet potatoes.

We have her 9 month well visit soon and after we do I will update with her size and news from the DR. I will also include her monthday pictures in that because I will be taking them tonight. :)

Here is a picture from this weekend when J brought her to meet my friends! (The next post will be about that I promise!)



  1. I just love her. I think she charmed us all within 30 seconds on Saturday!

  2. Aw! Thanks Jo! You are so sweet!