Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Intentions

I have them. I swear I do.

I want to be a better blogger but then I find something else that grabs my attention and P, little B and J gets pushed to the back burner again. Over the next couple weeks I'm going to try and catch all of you lovely readers up on our lives. *Note I said TRY. :)

I'm going to start 2012 by publicly announcing the things I want to accomplish this year.

1. Read 50 Books (I have already started my tab up top to keep track of my books.)
2. Run in 3 races
3. Start (and stick with) another method of exercise besides running. Maybe yoga?
4. Organize my life, and our home better.
5. Make 2 new recipes a month.
6. Be a better friend.
7. Be a better wife and mom.
8. Be happier.
9. Finally re-do our bathroom.
10. Take a vacation with J. Just J.
11. Learn more about photography.
12. Work harder (in all aspects of life).
13. Work at starting this business I have had in my head for too long.
Lets see how I do on my goals for the year.

Now all that being said the change of years always makes me think about the past and this year as I look back I got inspired to put some of my life into words and pictures to share with family and friends. There will be a post on it soon... maybe for my 30th birthday. I'm gonna be 30! Holy Cow! :)

Happy 2012 everyone!


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