Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nella's 2 for 2

There is this blog I follow (and I'm sure many of you lovely readers do too....)
Enjoying the Small Things. The author of this blog Kelle is an incredible inspiration in many ways to many people.

I started following her blog a little less than 2 years ago shortly after the birth of her second daughter, Nella. The night of her birth was a huge shock to the entire family. Nella was born with Down Syndrome. Here you can find a link to her birth story. Prepare yourself with some tissues Kelle has a way with words.

Since the birth of their sweet, adorable, and spunky little girl the family has gotten involved in raising money for the National Down Syndrome Society. For Nella's first birthday Kelle put out a call to her readers to help them raise $15,000. Boy did people turn out to help. They raised over $100,000!!!!

This year Kelle is once again asking her readers to help out and this year they are reaching for the stars. They are going in with a goal of 2 for 2. $200,000 for Nella's second birthday! (As of my writing this they are over $180,000!)
Here is a link for the donation page if you are feeling generous and want to help out a good cause. (We, of course, have already made our donation. I wouldn't be here asking you to do something I'm not comfortable doing myself.)

One thing I haven't mentioned yet is what an AMAZING photographer Kelle is. I love the photos of her gorgeous girls. Lainey (her older daughter) has such an awesome spirit and could seriously be a child model! (well actually they all could model) I wish I could take photos like hers. Even if you have no interest in her story you should check out some of her pictures.

(No I don't get anything from posting this just that satisfaction that someone may see this and feel inspired to help out a good cause.)

Now because I feel that all my posts need a picture of my sweet girl here is one of her playing IN her dolly's bed today.
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