Friday, April 29, 2011

Earth Friendly Baby Stuff

A week ago was Earth Day. In honor of that I decided to do a few posts about what J, B and I do to help the environment. Yes I know I'm starting this way late but I have a teething daughter and I'm working from home. That makes it difficult to blog.  :) What we do may not be much to some people but every little bit helps.

First and foremost we Cloth Diaper. I have mentioned it a few times but never really our reasons for doing so.

1. CDs are soooooo much better for my girls little tushie. CDs cut down on diaper rash like crazy!

2. The price! Holy Savings!!! Did you know that the average cost for 1 child in diapers until 2.5 years old is approx. $3-4,000! Yes that's right THOUSAND! To CD Brynn with our 24 diapers it has cost us Less than $500! And these diapers will be used for any future children as well. So lets say we have 3 kids (not that I am planning on 3 it just gives good numbers) Disposable diapers on the cheap end of things $9,000! Cloth Diapers $500! Now yes you will add in detergent cost but that is so minimal that I don't take it much into consideration.

3. Sooooo much better for the environment! They say that every.single.diaper that has EVER(!!!) been used is still in a landfill somewhere. It takes over 100 years for a diaper to decompose. That is sick!  

4. They are sooooo cute. Here is a pic of B's cute little tushie while she was doing the "mowgli" as a good friend calls it.

And a flashback to her newborn photoshoot. Soooo teeny!

We get our cloth diapers from our local store Cutie Poops and Bottoms. There are several (hundred) places you can get diapers from online but we like to support local small businesses plus if we only go to the store when we are in the area it saves on fuel cost for shipping. It also saves on packaging.

I'm going to go off on a little tangent quickly because it was so cool. In honor of Earth Day there was a World Wide Great Cloth Diaper Change last Saturday. Cutie Poops hosted one of these events and world wide there were 10,000 people changing a cloth diaper all at the same time. This was done to raise awareness about the awesomeness of CDs. And to hopefully teach people about what a long way they have come since my generation (and before) were CDd. It also was done to set a Guinness World Record. Cutie Poops put on an awesome event with tons of raffles (sadly we didn't win anything. haha). They also had the Easter bunny for photos. Their was a fire truck and someone doing car seat inspections. They go all out when they host events.
It was so cool to be a part of something bigger than us and to see all these people who do similar things that we do as parents.

Oh and since I know you will be wondering where it is ... ;) B's pictures with the bunny! (And from the event all together)


Me & my girl by the firetruck.
Waiting for the whistle to blow to start the diaper change.
Waiting for her diaper change. :)

Next up: Making your own baby food (and following baby led weaning.)

xoxo... P

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  1. So cool! I hope to get Alexi on board with CDing for the next baby.

    Also, I gave your blog an award today :)