Monday, June 21, 2010


My brother comes home today! WAHOO! For 2 weeks! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! He will be here in 3 hours!!
I'm so stinkin excited to see him! I haven't seen him since March when our nephew was born. I hate when he goes back to Cali. He just needs to move home damn it!

For about a month before he comes home I get all giddy and talk about it multiple times a week. J just laughs and laughs at me. But then I actually get into a bit of a funk when he leaves for a few weeks. Its sad.

I'm so happy that he is coming home now for a couple reasons.
1. He rocks!
2. He always comes home for the 4th of July - which is my favorite day of the year! And we always have the best parties. (Which I will be missing unless Little B decides to come early.)
3. He is staying extra long because he wants to be here when Little B is born. He is going to be a great Uncle even if he lives hours and hours away.

And on that last point Litle B will be here in 9 days or less. I can't believe we are down to single digit countdown. Though to tell you the truth I'm ready for her to come any time now... I'm getting VERY uncomfortable! It isn't cool having a head and feet tucked up under your ribs. Ouch!
But in other AWESOME news.... tomorrow is my lastg day in the office for a loooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time!

Yay for family!!!

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