Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a Night!

Yesterday was my 39 week check up for Little B. And it turned into a whole lot more than that. ... At my appointment my blood pressure was higher than normal and there was protein in my urine so the DR was a bit concerned and sent me directly to the hospital for a couple hours of monitoring. No big deal right? Right? WRONG!

We got all checked in they hooked me up to the monitors and the blood pressure cuff and we settled in for a couple hours. They drew tons of blood (vampires!) and had me start a 24 hour urine collection to check on the protein levels. They were looking for signs of pre-eclampsia. (I have no idea how to spell that.) They called the on-call DR at my OBs office and he said to keep an eye on me for a few hours and that if my blood pressure didn't go down that we may do the C/S last night if not then it would be today at noon!!! I got over my shock and was ok with it since I'm so uncomfortable and I was having somewhat regular contractions.After a few hours of high blood pressure and contractions the nurse said chances were 90% we would be having our baby girl in our arms today! :) WAHOO!

So J went home, got our bags and came back up to settle in for a long night of anticipation. About 8AM 2 of the DRs came in and checked me and the baby- she is still breech - and I am not dilated at all despite the fun of the contractions. So since my Blood Pressure was back down to normal they SENT US HOME!

I'm not too pleased about it. They now have me on bed rest for the next week and I'm still doing the 24 hour collection. I have to bring it up to the hospital at 6 tonight, have more blood drawn, get hooked back up to the monitors for an hour and see how I am at that point. BGG is perfect. There were no issues with her heartbeat or movement through out the entire thing so that was a relief of course.

So after tonight's test if all is well back home we come for me to lay around until either the scheduled C/S next week, my water breaks, or the contractions get worse. If tonight's test isn't too good then BGG will possibly be born tomorrow. All I know is if they make me stay overnight again and I don't have my baby girl in my arms tomorrow someone is going to get screamed at! ;)

I will try to get an update done tonight or tomorrow- it may be short but there should be an update. Depends on where we are and what kind of energy I have. ANNNND.... there is a fun Friday Favorite post all set up for tomorrow! Enjoy it!

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  1. Like I said on TN, keeping you in my thoughts! So excited for you lady =-)